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The beautiful name of Isfahan has always been and is eye-catching on the glorious and glorious Iran. A city that has long been proud of the longstanding civilization and culture of Iran, where it has been proud to be capitalizing on the forehead of its history several times.

The streets of this beautiful city during the many periods of Iranian-Islamic civilization, the hometown of Hakma and the distinguished fossils such as Mir Damad, Mirfandresaki, Mulla Sadra, Sheikh Baha'i, Malihmadbagher Majlisi ... and artists such as Miramad al-Hassani, Alireza Abbasi, Reza Abbasi, Mohammad Reza Emami and many other great artists and artists. Therefore, the highlight of the name of Isfahan as a guardian of numerous scientific, literary, religious, cultural, artistic and architectural arts, as well as various handicraft industries, is not an exaggeration.


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